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    Sarah Magwood offers a range of freelance services, including editorial and personal styling, interior decorating and event design. She’s available for both short and long-term contracts, so please get in touch.

    1 - Styling & Creative Direction

    Wardrobe Curation

    We edit and organize your closet, based on your body type and colouration. We then determine what specific items you need to purchase in order to update and compliment your existing wardrobe.

    Shop Your Closet

    We design head-to-toe ensembles from your existing wardrobe. You’ll then receive an outfit image catalogue, so it’s quick and easy to get dressed for any occasion.

    Guided Boutique Tour

    We visit local stores and find items that will bring your wardrobe to the next level.

    Magwood personal styling Toronto

    Sarah also does work for film and television.  Most recently, she styled a music video for Calvin Love (Arts & Crafts), wardrobe buying for a feature length film called The Void and Magwood supplied vintage to the popular TV show Reign for 2.5 seasons.