Materials & Care


All of our candles are hand-dipped, using 100% pure Canadian beeswax and untreated cotton wick.

Never leave a burning candle unattended. Keep out of reach of children. Trim wick to ¼ inch before each use and clear the wax pool of debris. Avoid drafts, never burn a candle on/near anything flammable, secure in a heat resistant holder on a stable surface and ensure the candle is straight. Use a heat resistant plate to catch dripping wax. Do not move a burning candle and allow wax to cool, before handling. Do not burn for more than four hours at a time. Stop using the candle, when there is 1” left.


Our demi-fine pieces are made of solid sterling silver or 22k gold plated sterling silver. All of our gold plated pieces have 6 microns of plating, even though it's common for jewelry plating to be 1-3 microns. We use an extra thick layer of gold to help ensure long-lasting wear, but everyone's lifestyle and body chemistry is different. 

All of our earring posts are made of solid 10k gold and the backings are either sterling silver or solid 10k gold, depending on the piece.

When considering our fine jewelry options, please note that for yellow gold, 10k is a paler tone of yellow than 14k. White gold is generally a warmer tone of white than platinum.

We work with reputable dealers to source our stones, the diamonds are conflict-free and we use high quality metals.

If you have any metal allergies, please contact us before placing your order, so we can discuss what material options are best for you.


Our jewelry is designed to last, as long as you're mindful about how to avoid damage, so please take your jewelry off when:


Soap, lotion and chlorine can cause discolouration, plating to wear off and various metals to form pits. Residue can also build up under settings, making the pieces difficult to clean and stones look dull. 


Any activity that puts pressure on your jewelry can cause stones to come loose or chip, metal to bend and scratches to form. 


Perfumes, lotions, oils, makeup and hair products can cause discolouration, damage the metal's surface or plating and create buildup that dulls the natural brilliance of your stones. Always apply these products, before putting on your jewelry.


Any strenuous activity can damage your jewelry. Cooking, doing dishes, gardening and cleaning, especially with harsh chemicals and abrasives, are a few examples of what to avoid. Depending on your lifestyle and occupation, also consider removing your pieces during working hours. Even gold and diamonds can chip, crack or scratch, if the impact is hard enough. 


The heat and pressure can cause earring posts to bend, chains to kink and prong settings to catch on fabric. We recommend that you keep a lined container next to your bed, so you can safely store your pieces at night.

Do not continue to wear your jewelry, if a stone has fallen out. In the case of pavé settings, for example, you might subsequently lose more stones. For your earrings, if the backings have become loose, stop using the backs. We're happy to tighten loose backings free of charge or replace them for a fee.



For plated jewelry, wipe with a damp cloth. For solid pieces, gently wash with lukewarm water and dish soap, using a soft toothbrush. Polish your jewelry with a soft, dry cotton cloth (toilet paper also works). Don't rub too aggressively though, because this may loosen stones and cause plating to wear off. Don't use chemical jewelry cleaners on items that are plated and/or feature porous stones, such as opals, lapis and turquoise. These chemicals thin plating and may cause discolouration.


All of your jewelry should be stored securely in a lined box and separate your pieces from one another to avoid scratching. Each of our pieces is sold with a small black velvet bag, so please use this, when not wearing your jewelry. 

Sterling silver with naturally oxidize and darken over time, so store your pieces in the airtight plastic bags we provide with each purchase. This will slow down the process.


Depending on how often you wear your jewelry, we recommend that pieces with prong settings be checked by a professional once a year to ensure the stones are secure. If you notice a stone feels loose, however, have your jewelry checked immediately. We're happy to assess Magwood jewelry free of charge, but we may charge a fee to tighten settings, depending on the situation.